ALWAYS get a receipt for your hand-delivered evaluation letter and affidavit/objectives.

Another option is to mail them “return receipt requested.”

In 11 years of homeschooling in PA, my district lost my affidavit one year. It happens. School district employees are people and people can make mistakes.

A friend recently posted this on Facebook:

FYI – Homeschool Evals
I attempted to deliver my child’s evaluation to the school district office this morning. There is one lady in the whole building who can give you a receipt. You may have to go back several times. Don’t leave your papers with just anyone. I went today for the 3rd time. The doorman takes it to the lady. I wait for 21 minutes. He comes back and said I will have to come back because it is waiting on approval and the lady who does that won’t be in until this afternoon.

Me: Ok, I want my papers back.

Doorman: No.

Me: Fine, I want a receipt.

Doorman: No.

Me: I am not leaving without one or the other.

I have taken evaluations there, gotten a receipt and still got notifications that they haven’t received them. I pull my receipt out and tell them who received it.

Doorman argues with me trying to assure me they won’t get lost, it was getting intense. Nope, I am not leaving them. So he goes back upstairs. AND the lady “just happened”  to have come in and “approved” my papers. Really? He handed me an envelope back with the papers just stamped at the bottom that says received. I wanted him to know that I wasn’t a troublemaker but I have had the office lose papers before and even though the papers mean nothing to him they mean a lot to me.

Thankfully this is the last time, one more year for my son”

Know the law!