Appointment Calendar

I am unable to schedule additional evaluations for 2019.

If you need an evaluator, click “Contact” in the top right corner of this page and I may be able to refer you to other evaluators who have time in their schedules.

Submit your evaluation letter to your school district on or before June 30. If you hand-deliver it, get a receipt. If you mail it, be sure it’s postmarked no later than June 30 and use a method that will provide confirmation the district received it.

Please contact me by mid-March to schedule 2020 evaluations.

Please Note: Evaluation appointments begin in April.

Click the arrows above the calendar
to show available dates.

Once you have found 3 available dates and times, click this button to complete the Evaluation Request form.


The calendar shows dates for the current month. To see more dates available in future months, click "Look for more."

Jot down the dates and times that work for you and include them on your request form. You cannot choose a date by clicking on the calendar.

If you cannot find an opening that fits your schedule, you can request other dates, and I will respond.

If you have only one or two students who need to be evaluated, please choose an open appointment designated for that number of students, if possible.

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