Evaluation Request Form

Some information about this form and what will happen next:

Use this form to schedule an evaluation with me. You can expect to receive a reply within 48 hours. I will meet with you at my home or online.

If you have questions, but you are not ready to schedule an evaluation, please send me a note by clicking here.

Please spell child’s name as you want it to appear on the evaluation letter

Select three possible dates you would like to meet with me for your evaluations.

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Please provide any information you think would be helpful for me to know, such as a co-op you attend, your curriculum or learning styles, recent move here from another state or country, whether your children have been or will be in a public, private, or charter school, who referred you to me, your most recent evaluator and why you are switching evaluators, etc. in the Background Information space below.
Include your preferred appointment times for each date option selected.

The information you submit will not be shared with anyone, including school district employees.