My high school diploma checklist is attached. Let me know if you have questions. This form is not required by law; I created it because the revised home education law (Act 196) puts the burden on the evaluator to confirm “that the student has completed the graduation requirements of the law” (see page 9 of the attached Home Ed Guide from the PA Dept of Ed), and I wanted some way to keep a record of why I signed a diploma.

I’ve also attached Act 196 (which went into effect 10/31/14), which adds and replaces some things from Act 169 (which went into effect 12/21/88). Here’s what it says beginning at the bottom of the first page (bold font is just pointing out some important portions – it’s not bold in the law):

Notwithstanding any provision of this act or any other law or regulation to the contrary, a high school diploma awarded by a supervisor or an approved diploma-granting organization shall be considered as having all the rights and privileges afforded by the Commonwealth, a Commonwealth agency, including, but not limited to, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, a political subdivision, a local agency and an authority or instrumentality of the Commonwealth or a political subdivision to a high school diploma awarded under this act, subject to subparagraphs (i) and (ii):
(i) In the case of a diploma awarded by a supervisor the following shall apply:
(A) The student receiving the diploma shall have completed all the requirements in subsection (d) while enrolled in a home education program that is in compliance with this section.
(B) The diploma shall be awarded to the student on a standardized form to be developed by the department and which shall be made available on the department’s publicly accessible Internet website.
(C) The diploma shall be signed by the student’s twelfth grade evaluator in confirmation of the student’s suitability for graduation.

Interestingly, I’m not seeing evidence that anyone is using the diploma mentioned in point B. There is a diploma posted on the PDE site; this HSLDA article explains some important improvements that were made in 2015 and some remaining problems.